Guided tours in Villajoyosa

For those who are visitins the town on their own, together with their family or with friends, Thalia Guies, in collaboration with Villajoyosa Town Hall, offers weekly private guided tours to the most emblematic sites of the town. Prior reservation is required either in Tourist Info Villajoyosa or here.

- Corsairs ant watch towers: Tuesday, 16.00 h.

- The walled town: Thursday, 16.00 h.

- Sant Josep Roman tower: Friday, 16.00 h.

Prices: adults, 5€; children up to 12 years, 3€; children under 8 years, free

A minimum of 8 adults is required to lead the visit.  

Guided tours for groups

Valencian Community has not only the best sun and beaches, but also a surprising cultural and natural heritage we invite you to discover. Thalia Guies Turístics offers guided tours to any destination in the provinces of Alicante, Castellón and Valencia. Among the many possibilities, we suggest the following:


The city offers resorts such as the Explanada of Spain, the symbol of Alicante and the ancient limit of the city. Entertwining both history and stories, linking past and present, we can discover the features and scars that time and wars have left on streets and public monuments. You can find outstanding buildings, such as the Concil Hall, the palaces of the Marquis of Maisonnave and Bosch, the Basilica of Santa Maria or the Cathedral of St. Nicholas. The Santa Cruz Quarter, in the old part of the city (usually known as "el barrio") allows us to take a look at a seafaring atmosphere, the most intimate and unknown of Alicante.


A real gem to be discovered. Probably the best preserved old town of the Valencian Community. It offers the visitor a medieval walled town with its Renaissance defenses, painted houses, the Gothic fortress-church, the sailors' suburbs and corners full of stories.

The Tower of Saint Joseph (the largest funerary monument of Roman Spain) and the Tower of Aguiló (centenarian anti-privateer watchtower) are other interesting sights.


The various municipal park gardens surround the visitor in the Palmeral, a World Heritage Site. After clearing the ancient wall we enter the historic Vila: the castle, the Arabic baths, the Calahorra Tower, the Basilica of Santa Maria and its Mystery, the Old Market and the Town Hall.

After a walk along the medieval streets we'll reach the garden of San Placido, where we can see the work of the palmers and the secrets of the white palm crafts.

Altea - Alfàs del Pi

Altea, "the white town", offers visitors many charming corners and an artistic environment that combine with a varied cuisine and craft shops. Altea retains all the flavor of a fishing village. With Thalia Guies you'll discover the meaning of its walls, gates, streets...

Alfas del Pi has, among its strong cultural offerings, some outstanding places like the Roman villa of the Albir and the Natural Park of Sierra Helada, whith the Albir lighthouse and the Bombard watchtower.

Moraira - Benissa

Moraira invites us to the public auction of the fish "ranchos", in the traditional way, that means in Valencian and downward. After a pleasant walk along the typical and picturesque streets, we end up in Moraira Castle (1742), the last of the towers built to defend this coast from pirates, and the only one with an "ox's hoof" plant.

In Benissa awaits a historic center that preserves special buildings, such as the Council Hall that, in its more than four centuries of history, was used as City Hall, warehouse or prison. But to move to the past, nothing better than the Abargues manor house, now a museum that teaches us how people lived in a palace in the 18th century.


Orihuela is the traditional seat of the diocese and a city with first-order religious monuments, several of them recently restored, as the Santo Domingo College, the Cathedral of El Salvador, the Church of Santiago ... An old town, declared a historical and artistic ensemble, together with different palaces and museums, complement an essential visit.


With Thalia Guies you will discover in a different way many cities with a great monumental, artistic and natural heritage, each one with a different personality, such as Villena, Novelda, Alcoy, Denia, Jávea or Cocentaina, and also other cities and places of the Valencian Community.